Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Roots of Obama's Rage

Today I watched an interview with the author of a new book about Obama, called the Roots of Obama's Rage, which is on its way to being a best seller. In this exclusive CBN interview, the author, Dinesh D'Souza claims that Obama desires to live by the ideals of his father, as revealed in his autobiography called Dreams from My Father. He notes that the book is called "Dreams From My Father," not "Dreams of My Father." So Obama's autobiography is not a book about his father, but about his own dreams that he got from his father.

D'Souza points out that Obama's father was an anti-colonialist in Kenya during the 1950's. The word colonialism is repeated many times throughout Obama's autobiography. This is a major life theme for Obama. And D'Souza has plenty of personal insight into colonialism. He was raised in India and has seen both the good and bad fruit of it. He points out that while colonialism did have some negative results, the majority of its results were overwhelmingly positive. He cites the English language, the democratic form of government in India, and numerous other things Indians enjoy today that were established by the British.

He points out that anti-colonialism sees countries like America and England as the big bullies who profited at the expense of third world countries. And he says that anti-colonialism is the real driver behind Obama's decisions. It also makes him a stranger to America's Christian principles. And I agree with D'Souza when he claims that Obama intends to knock the United States from it's leading position in the world as a superpower, turning it into "a normal country like Finland or Greece." This is obviously bad news for America, and there's not much we can do.

The media is not going to hold Obama accountable and the Congress is not providing checks and balances against his decisions. So unless fewer Democrats are elected in November, Obama will remain free to carry out his destructive agenda. He will continue to reduce America's role in other parts of the world and give more power to the welfare State.

I encourage you to watch the interview to get the full impact of what the author is saying. His book is available on Amazon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is Mr. Obama a Muslim?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to be a big news buff. I spent a couple hours a day reading the news on the web from many sources. I was right on top of a wide range significant current events happening across the world. These days, I am too busy to follow the news. It's amazing how it always seems to be the same bad stuff happening. And I find that it's often only half truths, so I'd rather just read God's Word instead. It's a message of good news and it's all true!

But someone shared this article with me today by Rob Schenk, which I believe is worth re-posting. He's a minister of the gospel that traveled with Mel Lessard, a friend of mine, in the dumps of Mexico years ago. He also ministered at Faith Christian Center near my home town in NH a few times. This is the best analysis I've seen yet!

With so many people speculating whether Obama could be a Muslim, and others still believing he is a Christian, this topic is a hot one these days. People want to know what Obama's religious convictions are. They are basically asking, "Who is Obama, really?" I agree with Schenk that he is neither a Muslim nor a Christian, but some sort of universalist. And we are seeing a rise in universalism in these last days before Jesus returns. It's all part of the New World Order taking shape rapidly before our eyes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama Fraud

Is the man occupying the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a fraud or not. Is he a mole? Is he a traitor? Is he a Marxist? Is he the hope for America? Is he bringing about change we can believe in? Does he have the judgment to lead? Does he have America's best interests in mind?

Every American citizen should do their own research and investigation to determine the answers to these very important questions. In your research, I'd like to suggest you look into the topics listed below. Most of the topic headings are links to videos or articles on the topic, so be sure to click on those to learn more about each topic.

Is Obama an Illegal President?
Obama ridicules the Bible

Obama Announces to the World that USA is not a Christian Nation
Former Ambassador, Dr. Alan Keyes States we Must Stop Obama or America will Cease to Exist
Obama calls for a global regime
Obama Will Create a New World Order, Confirmed by Chief National Correspondent and Henry Kissinger on Same Day
The Obama Deception
Obama’s Climate Change Bill
Obama Birth Announcement Forged

Obama did not properly recite the Oath of office and on his second attempt, did not use a Bible.
Video 1, Video 2

Obama Appoints gay-rights activist to head federal government’s faith-based initiative

Obama bows to Saudi King, showing fealty to a foreign potentate
Video, Article

Obama refuses to share stage with Jesus
Obama uses Jesus' words to refer to his own economic stimulus plan as “the rock”
Obama has had no accountability for his actions during his first 100 days in office
Obama was mentored by a Communist

Obama used a Lenin style poster to announce his trip to BerlinObama refuses to put hand over heart for US National Anthem
Obama admits he is a Muslim
Obama lies to America

Obama states he befriended Marxist professors in college
Once you have done your own research and formed your own conclusions, then you will be in a better place to decide how to respond.

This is all part of an unfolding plan to destroy America's sovereignty. The end game is an era in which nations wil become obsolete, and all states will recognize only one global authority. Beware of anyone who supports such a plan. We know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those who are implementing this on the earth do not have our best interests in mind. The H.O.P.E they bring will be like Hell On Planet Earth.

Only those who know Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, will be able to endure without caving to this coming regime of darkness. Now is the time to cry out to Him and give your life to Him.

The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus said, "I have come to give Life and Life more abundantly." He is our Hope, our Messiah, our Savior. No one else can take His place. And unlike any other king, His heart burns with a true love for you today. Don't fall for the cheap imitations with their charming speaches. Surrender to Jesus today and find true freedom! Experience true change like you have never thought was possible.

If you know Jesus, then please pray for America, make your voice known through your representatives in Washington, and pray for Barack Obama to receive a personal revelation of Jesus Christ. Now that would bring true change!

Obama's First 180 Days in Office

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro portrayed himself as a moderate who would bring about positive change in America, someone who could restore hope to our country. He also portrayed himself as a Christian, and the masses are completely enamored by him. But we know a person by their actions and decisions, not by what they say about themselves.

Jesus warned that "Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.” (Mat 24:11). He also said, "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit." (Mat 7:15-18)

So then what kind of fruit has this man called Obama produced since his inauguration? Just what has he done during his first 180 days in office?

  • Has not deviated with his past record on abortion, in which he proudly claims "I have consistently had 100% Pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and Naral Pro-Choice America." During his time as Senator, he voted to remove the ban on partial birth abortions, which is one of the most hideous and brutal forms of slaughtering innocents known to mankind. Record on Abortion. Video.
  • He wants to rescind federal regulations known as "conscience protections" that protect health care workers and organizations that choose not to provide abortions or other medical procedures that violate their convictions.
  • He signed an Executive Order to overturn former President Bush's policy against funding any new embryonic stem cell research.
  • Obama's new "Science Czar", John Holdren, is a coercive eugenicist who has called for forced abortions, mass sterilizations, and mandatory population controls. This is a man with tremendous influence both inside and outside the White House who advises the president on matters where science affects domestic and foreign policy, not the least of which includes healthcare. Article.
  • Obama’s new Czar, for “Green Jobs” Anthony “Van” Jones freely admits he’s a proud San Francisco Communist with an arrest record. This man is an admitted communist and an ex-con with two arrests, who has spent time in jail.
  • Gave orders to close Guantanamo Bay prison for enemy combatant prisoners
  • His administration announced that they would continue with the same anti-terror strategy that was used by his predecessor, George W. Bush -- the very anti-terror strategies Obama criticized during his presidential campaign.
  • The first phone call he made to the Middle east was the head of the Palestinians rather than to Israel.
  • His first interview as president was for al Jazeera, which is an anti-American Middle Eastern propaganda machine.
  • Communicated to the leaders of the terrorist nation of Iran via video saying he wants peace with them.
  • He signed an executive order to ban lobbyists from working in federal government, and he immediately hired an entire staff of lobbyists.
  • Bowed before the Saudi King at the G20 summit, showing fealty to a foreign potentate.
  • Visited the Middle East in June without stopping in Israel. This was another bow to the Saudis and a slap in the face to the Israelis. In doing this, he signaled to the Muslim world that America's pro-Israel policy has changed. Article.
  • Went through Europe, Turkey, and Iraq apologizing for America’s mistakes. His foreign policy reflects that he is ashamed of everything this country stands for.
  • Called for a global regime during his speech in Prague, which directly undermines the national soverignty of the USA. Video.
  • Announced to the world “America is not a Christian Nation.”
  • Before speaking at a university, his team asked for symbols of Jesus to be removed from platform. Article
  • His Administration, along with the DHS and FBI assessed and declared American Patriots to be radicalized extremists and terrorists. Article
  • He has been totally unaccountable for his actions, even breaking his own campaign promises and executive orders, such as the 5-day sunshine rule before signing a bill into law, the promise to cut spending, and the prohibition on hiring lobbyists to work for his administration. He said on the campaign trail that there would be a 5-day sunshine policy by which every bill would be posted on the internet to allow time for members of Congress and the public to read it before there was any vote on it. Then when he took office he shoved the Stimulus Bill down their throats, giving them less than an hour to read over 1,000 pages. Video
  • He promised that his $787 billion Stimulus bill would save or create 3 million jobs. However, six months after he made that promise, 2 million jobs have been lost.
  • A recent USA Today analysis revealed that twice as much federal stimulus funds per person went to counties that voted for Obama in 2008 than to counties that supported his rival, Sen. John McCain. This seems to confirm that the stimulus bill was nothing more than a grab bag of pork projects to pay back his cronies. So he is spending billions for political reasons, not economic. Article.
  • While he did not publicly participate in the National Day of Prayer, he did celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Pride Month by hosting a cocktail reception in the Oval Office. He told gay leaders at the White House party: "I will not only be your friend, I will continue to be an ally and a champion and a president who fights with you and for you."
  • He announced to the Congress his intentions to sign the UN declaration that calls for the decriminalization of homosexuality. The declaration that George W. Bush shunned has now been OK’d by all 27-member nations of the European Union.
  • He is working to pass an employee nondiscrimination bill and a hate crimes bill that includes protections for gays and lesbians.
  • He nominated Harold Koh to become the State Department’s top lawyer. Conservatives have strenuously opposed the nomination because of, among other things, Koh’s belief that the Supreme Court should look to international bodies such as the United Nations and even European courts to help interpret the U.S. Constitution. Koh, an open homosexual, has also been actively involved in the push to legalize same-sex “marriage.” Article
  • Appointed gay-rights activist to head federal government’s faith-based initiative. Article
  • Consistent with his history of supporting the homosexual agenda throughout his entire political career, he nominated homosexual propagandist Kevin Jennings to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education in charge of the “Safe and Drug-Free Schools” program. He’s the founder and, until recently, the President of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the nation’s leading homosexual pressure group working to insert homosexual propaganda into America’s public schools. Article
  • He posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a homosexual activist named Harvey Milk. The nation's highest civilian award was given primarily based on his being a homosexual. Article.
  • He made 1,000 TV appearances in his first 157 days in office.
  • In his first six months in office, he has traveled abroad the equivalent of twice around the world with his wife. Meanwhile, in light of the Great Recession, he indicated that leaders of businesses in the US should curb their travel to reduce spending.
  • Made plans for a $35,000 per week vacation on Martha's Vineyard with his family in the country's most expensive small town. They will be staying on a $20 million property.
  • He has a plan to limit carbon emissions, and he claims his plan will cause electricity costs to skyrocket. Video
  • When he took office, government spending was 3 trillion dollars, and by the end of his sixth month in office it was 4 trillion. When he took office, the economy was 14 trillion dollars and now it’s 13 trillion. As Dick Morris has stated, if you do the math, that means he took the money out of the economy, so that he could spend it on his big government.
  • Interest rates have doubled during his first six months in office. The reason they are not higher than that is because the Federal Reserve keeps printing currency, which will only add fuel to the coming hyperinflation.
  • He promised us unemployment would not go above 8%, if we passed the Stimulus package. Six months into his term with the Stimulus bill passed, unemployment tops 10% in 15 states. The Atlanta Federal Reserve chief said the true unemployment rate is 16%. Financial experts are forecasting the unemployment rate will continue to rise throughout 2009. The government's narrower measure excludes: those no longer looking for work (who have fallen off the unemployment benefits), those who have accepted part-time employment, and the self-employed who have no work. Some are predicting it could go as high as 22%! Article.
  • He has refused to produce his original long form birth certificate to prove he is a natural born US citizen, eligible to serve as president. The constitution requires a person be a natural born US citizen in order to be eligible for the presidency. Experts say Obama does not meet the criteria. In fact, even if he were born in the White House, he would not be natural born. The reason is that his father was a British subject and his mother was not old enough to confer citizenship upon his son. It is impossible for him to be natural born citizen, given these factors. WorldNetDaily news has reported extensively on this. Article.
  • His attorney met with top executives of major news networks to ensure they censored coverage of the controversy surrounding his eligibility issues. Those top executives in turn met with top news achors and threatened them with the loss of their careers if they mentioned anything on-the-air about Obama's eligibility controversy. Article.
  • His administration asked American citizens to report fellow citizens to the White House for any political speech opposing Obama's government takeover of healthcare. This is a way of building an enemies list, and threatens to have a chilling effect on free speech through fear and intimidation. It also violates privacy in that the White House is collecting personally identifying information (name, email, blog, website, etc) on American citizens who oppose the president's healthcare reform bill. Article.
  • He sent a message to Israel that they must not allow a certain building to be constructed in Jerusalem. It is a 20-apartment building that is going to be built on private property. Yet Obama has the audacity to tell Israel what can and cannot be built in their own capital. Article
  • Plans are being made for his third term before he had finished the first six months of his firt one. Website
  • He unveiled his financial regulatory overhaul plan. In addition to giving more power to the Federal Reserve (a central bank run by non-elected officials), and giving more power to the government, it would also grow the size of government by creating a new agency to oversee consumer finance. Article
  • He nominated Sonya Sotomayor, a liberal activist judge, to the Supreme Court bench. She has shown through her own rulings as a judge throughout the years that she allows her philosophy, opinions, and personal bias to influence her decisions on the bench. She also has ruled that states have the right to deny their citizens the right to bear arms, which is a constitutional right guaranteed in the second amendment. When she was confirmed by the Senate, Obama said he was "pleased and gratified".
  • He fired an Inspector General without giving 30 days notice or informing Congress of the reasons. Prior to being fired, the Inspector General Gerald Walpin had opened an investigation into Sacramento Mayor and major Obama supporter Kevin Johnson for alleged misuse of federal funds. Obama violated the Inspector General Act of 1978, which was amended last year under his co-sponsorship. The amendment requires the President to notify Congress in writing within 30 days the reasons for removing an Inspector General from office. Clearly Obama was fully informed of the requirements he needed to take to remove Walpin because he was a CO-SPONSOR of the bill! Article
  • In response to his big push to pass a national healthcare reform bill, US Senators and Congressmen on recess in their home states have encountered stiff opposition from their constituents who oppose this new law. The White House instructed their allies in the labor unions to “punch back twice as hard,” which led to some violent confrontations. The First Amendment guarantees the right to dissent and public debate, which is exactly what these constituents were trying to do in the town halls. Yet Obama seeks to stifle public debate, and in so doing he is contradicting the core values of America. In fact he stated: “I don’t want the folks who created the mess doing a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.”
  • He held an internet conference call with rabbis and other clerics, while trying to get his national healthcare reform bill passed. The purpose of the call was for the Rabbis to explore how to address the health care controversy in their upcoming High Holiday sermons. During the call he said, "We are God's partners in matters of life and death." Some of the Rabbis on the call discussed this online through Twitt er. Mysteriously, those messages were deleted from the Internet within hours after being posted. Blog
  • He awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, an anti-Israel bigot, who has actively opposed “the security or national interests of the United States,” one of the eligibility criteria for the Medal. She played a central role in organizing the 2001 “World Conference Against Racism” in Durbin, South Africa, which was actually anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and implicitly anti-American. Article.
  • His administration plans to lift a government ban on tracking visitors to government websites. This ban has been in place since 2000. But lifting it will potentially allow the government to collect visitors' personal data through the use of "cookies". Article.
  • His administration used taxpayer money to hire a firm to send unsolicited spam emails to the general public, pushing his healthcare reform bill. Article.
  • A law is being written by a West Virginia democrat named Rockefeller to give the White House "emergency power" to shut down the Internet. Article.
  • Obama signed a presidential determination funding $20 million in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA . Federal Register.
  • He addressed students in every American public school through a live webcast, designed to indoctrinate them with his ideology and glorify himself. A video was played in school assemblies in advance of his address, encouraging students to pledge themselves to Barack Obama. One student says, "I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama," as he kisses both of his biceps. That same person, earlier in the video, says, "I pledge allegiance to the funk -- to the united funk of funkadelika." Another person says, "I pledge to be a servant to our president." At the end of the video, all of the people's faces make up a mosaic of Obama's face. It's all about him. This is very troubling, since the government in America is supposed to serve the people not the other way around. Hitler's Army also changed their pledge of allegiance from defending the German constitution to pledging to serve and obey Hitler. Video. Article.
For me, this is not about race or color. I would happily vote for a natural born American citizen of any race or political party who represents my values. But what are the values of Barack Obama? Does his behavior constitute upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America, which he swore to do? Is his behavior consistent with the godly heritage of America? Is this the good fruit of a life lived for Jesus? I think most people reading this are smart enough to decide for themselves. Beware of any man who promises hope apart from Jesus Christ or who claims to be a Christian but does not have godly fruit in his life!

There are evil forces at work in our country right now which seek to bring about America's downfall and the rise of a global regime. And we know that these evil forces are spiritual, not flesh and blood. Yet they work through willing human vessels to carry out their plan.

If you are a freedom loving patriot like me, you don't want to hear this about our great country, the land that we love. But I know my Hope is Jesus Christ and Him alone. I trust in the name of the Lord my God. He is perfect and Holy. He has laid down His life for you at the cross and shed His blood for you. No greater love has any man than this. Will you surrender to Him today and invite Him to come and live in your heart? If you do, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Attribution notice: Most Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.